3 Quick Tips for First-Time Electric Vehicle Transporters

Aug 3, 2022 | All, Transporters

By: Mike Buerger

Automotive is in the beginning stages of the electric revolution.  Some combustion-powered personal vehicles may stay on the market, but the majority of cars and trucks on the road will be EV’s in the nearer-than-you-think future.  The ability to adapt to this change will sink or float most, if not all companies in the industry.  Here are some tips for transporters that may not be familiar with electric vehicles.

Turn the car off

We’re not trying to insult your intelligence, but remember to turn the car off.  There is no engine or exhaust noise with electric motors so it is easy to misjudge whether one is on or off – a common first experience with EV’s.  The motors won’t pull power while stationary, but the onboard computer and accessories can drain a battery in as little as 24 hours (depending on charge level).  You don’t want to haul a vehicle for days only to not be able to move it off your trailer when you arrive.  Taking an extra few seconds to double-check can save you both money and frustration.   

Towing an EV is probably a bad idea

Electric drivetrains do not work the same as traditional ones.  Not all EV’s come with a “neutral” option that disengages the motor.  Towing an EV with the motor still engaged can cause serious damage to the vehicle.  This is especially important if you work with inoperable vehicles and don’t want to sour relationships with shippers.  Be prepared to deal with this going forward.    

EV’s are heavy

Electric vehicles are heavy because their batteries and protective cases are heavy.  The new GMC Hummer EV weighs just over 9,000 lbs (1,000 lbs heavier than the original Hummer H1).  Even the tiny Nissan Leaf weighs nearly 2 tons!  EV’s have a weight issue and you need to be aware when planning multi-load routes and filling your trailer.  

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