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Frequently Asked Questions

Dealer FAQs

Which states does Autosled operate in?

Autosled has a transporter network that operates routes throughout the continental United States. For questions regarding a specific route or area, please CONTACT US online.

When do I pay to transport my vehicles?

Autosled withdraws payment from your dealer account immediately upon the successful delivery of each vehicle with signature. If a signature is not provided upon drop off, Autosled will collect payment 24 hours after the vehicle’s successful delivery.

What type of vehicle inspection/BOL does Autosled use?

Autosled uses a proprietary video or photo BOL for vehicle inspections. This allows transporters to clearly indicate any damage, the mileage, and the overall condition of the vehicle which will, in turn, minimize liability for all parties involved.

How does Autosled verify transporter compliance?

Autosled reviews all transporters’ documents (DOT/MC number, insurance policies, and driver information) to verify that each individual meets the DOT requirements. After that verification, Autosled vets each transporter to make sure he or she is of good standing and maintains updated, active insurance.

Can I track my vehicles from pickup to drop off?

Yes, dealers are able to track vehicles with Autosled’s GPS location technology from load acceptance through to the final delivery.

Will I be able to communicate directly with the drivers?

Yes, your individual driver’s information has been provided in the Autosled Dealer Dashboard for your convenience. You may also contact Autosled’s support team if you have additional questions while your vehicles are in transit.

How long does it take to get access to the Autosled platform?

Dealers can create a free Autosled account and start shipping cars or trucks within minutes of registering online.

What do I need in order to sign up for Autosled?

The dealership’s contact information and a valid form of payment are all that’s required to get started with Autosled.

Who do I contact for additional information?

Please call Autosled at (240) 880-2711 or fill out our CONTACT FORM online

Transporter FAQs

Which states does Autosled operate in?

Autosled’s transporter network operates routes throughout the continental United States and is continually expanding. If you have a route, Autosled has cars and trucks that need to be moved!

How quickly can I get paid on a delivered vehicle?

Autosled has multiple options for payment. Transporters that use Autosled’s BoL and standard ACH will typically receive payments directly into their bank accounts within 3-4 business days of a successful vehicle delivery.  Transporters who are eligible, and opt for Quick-Pay can receive their funds within 1-24 hours after delivery.

What type of vehicle inspection is used?

Autosled uses a video or photo BoL for inspection to minimize liability for all parties involved. This allows drivers to clearly indicate any damage as well as mileage and overall vehicle condition.

How do I Self-Dispatch with Autosled?

It’s easy! Watch our QUICK TUTORIAL to begin self-dispatching loads today.

Where can I download the Autosled Transporter App?

The Autosled Transporter App is available for download for all iOS devices through the Apple Store and for Android devices through Google Play.

How do I search for available vehicle loads in Autosled?

Searching for available loads can be done quickly through the Autosled Transporter App. Watch our SHORT TUTORIAL VIDEO to begin filtering through the loads that best fit your needs.

How long does it take to get access to Autosled as a new transporter?

Transporters can begin moving vehicles with Autosled in as little as one (1) business day.

What do I need to provide to get signed up with Autosled?

To sign up online with Autosled, simply provide the company’s contact information, a valid bank account for direct deposit, active DOT/MC number, and valid insurance information.

Can I communicate directly with shippers?

Yes, the shipper’s contact information is provided in the Autosled Transporter App for each vehicle shipment. You can contact the professional shipper or individual listed with any questions or updates throughout the vehicle move.