Autosled Experiences Exponential Growth Heading Into The Remainder of 2023

Autosled Experiences Exponential Growth Heading Into The Remainder of 2023

Vehicle Moves, Transporter Network, and Staff All Increased Despite Industry Changes

ROCKVILLE, MD – June 26, 2023– Autosled, a leading provider of digital technology for vehicle logistics, announced that it has experienced remarkable growth across all areas of the business- its transporter network, staff, retail automotive dealer signups, and vehicle moves. In the face of supply chain constraints hitting retail automotive and an accelerated rate of change impacting the transportation industry, Autosled has emerged as a disruptive mobility and digital logistics service provider with a proven track record of excellence.

Founded by brothers Dan and David Sperau, the company began serving dealers just over two years ago and has increased its vehicle moves by 10X- now partnering with over 1,000 retail automotive dealerships nationwide. This is a direct result of Autosled’s intentional focus on excellent customer service, feedback-driven product improvements, and unwavering business integrity. 

“Our commitment to continuous improvement is rooted in actively listening to our clients, as they serve as the primary catalyst for innovation within Autosled,” noted Dan Sperau, Autosled’s co-founder and chief executive officer. “We’re excited about the technology we have on our road map that will shift this industry into the future. Autosled’s overarching objective is to become the largest global automotive logistics platform. While this may seem ambitious, David and I are resolute in our pursuit of a frictionless, all-encompassing solution that addresses the problems faced by our clients and the entire transport ecosystem.”

To accommodate the increase in retail dealership demand and vehicle moves, Autosled has expanded its transporter network substantially. With a current nationwide network of over 11,000 transporters and growing, the company has quickly refined its business operations accordingly. 

We have made a commitment to excellence for our dealer groups, transporters and direct customers”, noted Marlena Jasso, vice president of operations for Autosled. “Our team makes sure we incorporate customer feedback into tangible actions that continue to provide value and savings to our customer base. We look forward to the continued partnerships and growth.” 

In order to support the increase in both vehicle moves and transporter demands, Autosled more than doubled its full-time staff. Autosled now employs individuals worldwide that speak multiple languages including: English, French, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Ukrainian, and Russian. Coinciding with its team’s expansion, Autosled has begun partnering with automotive manufacturers (OEMs) to provide vehicle shipment efficiency for both rail yards and ports, while continuing to refine its core products and services. 

About Autosled

Autosled provides seamless digital vehicle shipment options for dealers, transporters, auctioneers, brokers, and individuals. As a tech first company, Autosled’s web and phone platforms create a marketplace between shippers and transporters that are faster, cheaper and more reliable. Services include custom price quotes, secure online payments, electronic accounting and invoicing, online vehicle shipment scheduling, verified transporter insurance and a vetted network. Vehicles delivered through Autosled are trackable, with real-time GPS and communication with transporters throughout the process. For more information, visit:


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10 Easy Ways to Elevate Customer Service In Your Business

10 Easy Ways to Elevate Customer Service In Your Business

By: Marlena Jasso, VP of Operations

1) Communicate Often and Honestly.

This is true for both internal and external interactions. Whether you’re providing updates to your staff, partners, or customers, don’t wait to communicate. Establishing regular dates and times for updates reassures both internal and external teams that their ideas, concerns, or accounts are treated as utmost priorities. It’s far less stressful for everyone when you communicate in smaller, more frequent intervals. Waiting until you have one large resolution (or all of the answers) not only makes the customer wait longer for information, but increases his or her frustration.  

2) Mistakes – Ownership and Resolution

All companies are made up of humans and humans have a 100% chance of making a mistake at some point. The good news is that customers know this, so that isn’t the real problem. The problem occurs when companies don’t take accountability for their actions. The same also goes for anyone who is an extension of your company. For example, at Autosled, there are over 11,000 drivers who are not Autosled employees, but represent Autosled to our customers. If one of them makes a mistake, Autosled takes accountability for it – whether it’s a simple typo or a driver running late. Mistakes happen, own them quickly and do your best to rectify them. Nothing is more infuriating to a customer than an employee who won’t acknowledge that the company has failed to meet expectations. 

3) Be Human 

Empathy is not the same thing as sympathy. You don’t have to sympathize with everyone in order to understand what they are dealing with. Using Autosled as an example, let’s say a vehicle was being shipped as a surprise birthday gift, but the driver gets stuck in a snowstorm in the Midwest. You can’t control the weather, but you can seek to empathize with that customer’s disappointment and frustration. Acknowledging a customer’s feelings can go a long way, even when nothing can be done. 

4) Be Professional

This should be the default for every customer conversation but it still warrants saying. Always be professional! If a customer is expressing heightened emotions, maintaining an attitude of professionalism throughout the conversation helps to de-escalate the situation.

5) Listen More Than You Talk

Customers want to be heard. This isn’t possible if they’re spending the entire conversation listening to your staff talk. Ask questions- both for context and clarity. Help paraphrase what they’re saying. Example: “So, if I’m understanding you correctly, your biggest concern is ______. Is that right?” Customers want their point of view to be validated. 

6) Under Promise and Over Deliver

Setting expectations upfront is key to customer satisfaction. Always tell people what you can do, and never what you can’t. If you need to double check with a manager or different team at your company regarding an issue, do that before giving an update to the customer.  At Autosled, we often check in with drivers personally for status updates.  It’s more important to be accurate with your information, than to simply tell the customer what they want to hear.

7) Understanding Various Needs

For the team here at Autosled, this means understanding the needs of both our dealers and our transporters in detail. It’s only from that basis of knowledge that we can work to accommodate both sets of customers. For example, many transporters speak Russian or Ukrainian, which isn’t something we’ve found as common among our retail dealership customers. In order to support our growing transporter network, we hired full-time staff that are fluent in Russian and Ukrainian, amongst other languages. This met a need that was expressed from that part of our customer base.

8) Tailored Solutions

Take the time to understand their individual needs and preferences. Remember, what might work for a large customer may not necessarily be the ideal solution for a smaller business. It’s important to customize your approach and offer solutions that align with their specific circumstances. By focusing on personalization and attentiveness, you can ensure that your clients receive the most suitable care for their operations. 

9) Give Knowledge Freely

Embrace a culture of knowledge sharing and collaboration. Recognize that sharing a solution, even if it’s not perfect, can lead to collaborative problem-solving and ultimately provide the best outcome for your customers. It fosters trust, strengthens the relationship, and demonstrates your commitment to their success. Remember, perfection is not always attainable, but through collaboration and transparency, you can work together with your customers to find the most suitable and effective solutions.

10) Be Present 

This is just sound advice for all interpersonal relationships and interactions, but it can become the difference between a win or a loss for your business. When interacting with people, answering phone calls or emails needs to wait. True emergencies are an exception, but most phone calls and emails do not fall into that category. Respect the people you are meeting with and the time they’ve chosen to give to you. This applies to internal and external staff, customers and partners. Be present and available so that you both can gain the most out of every interaction.

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Are Enclosed Trailers The Right Choice For Your Vehicle?

Are Enclosed Trailers The Right Choice For Your Vehicle?

The added price can be worth it for some.

When it comes to transporting vehicles, whether it’s classic cars, luxury automobiles, exotics or anything in between, choosing the right shipping method can feel like a crucial decision. While open trailers may be a more common sight on the roads, enclosed trailers can offer a superior level of protection and security. Today, we will explore the benefits of using an enclosed trailer to ship your valuable vehicles.

Protection from the Elements

One of the most obvious advantages of using an enclosed trailer is the protection it provides against the elements. Extreme weather conditions, such as hail, can potentially damage the exterior paint or even affect the mechanical components of a vehicle.  An enclosed trailer shields your valuable asset from these external elements, maintaining its pristine condition from origin to destination.

Enhanced Security

Enclosed trailers offer an added layer of security compared to open trailers. By keeping your vehicle concealed from prying eyes, it minimizes the risk of theft or vandalism during transportation. Enclosed trailers can be equipped with locks, security systems, and surveillance measures, ensuring that your vehicle is well-protected throughout the journey.

Superior Safety

Unlike open trailers, enclosed trailers provide an extra level of safety for your vehicle during transit. By being enclosed within the trailer’s structure, your vehicle is shielded from potential road debris, loose gravel, or other hazards that could cause damage while traveling. Additionally, the structural integrity of an enclosed trailer reduces the risk of accidental collisions that could occur during transportation.

Privacy and Confidentiality

In certain cases, maintaining privacy and confidentiality is important, especially when transporting unique or rare vehicles. Enclosed trailers offer a discreet shipping solution, shielding your vehicle and preventing unnecessary exposure during transportation. This added privacy ensures that your vehicle arrives safely without drawing unwarranted attention.

Driver Experience

Drivers who transport with enclosed trailers are experienced with handling atypical- exotic, antique or rare cars.  This provides an added level of confidence for these vehicle dealers and owners. It also comes in handy when shipping older cars with quirks, or vehicles that are extremely low to the ground. These drivers are around expensive vehicles everyday and aren’t nervous about handling them. That specific level of skill and experience can not go overlooked.

When transporting valuable vehicles, the choice of an enclosed trailer over an open trailer can significantly impact the overall safety, security, and condition of your vehicle during transit. If you want to ensure your vehicle arrives at its destination in pristine condition, safeguarded from potential hazards and outside interference, an enclosed trailer is the optimal choice for your vehicle shipping needs.

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Top 5 Things To Know When Using Open Trailer Transport

Top 5 Things To Know When Using Open Trailer Transport

Is shipping a vehicle with an open trailer safe?

When it comes to transporting vehicles over long distances, you’ve probably heard of the two main options available: open and enclosed trailers. Enclosed trailers garner a lot of the attention due to the increased protection they offer. However, don’t let that overshadow the advantages of open trailers. Many customers are pleasantly surprised to learn how safe and cost-effective open trailer vehicle transport can be.

Weather-Resistance and Planning

While every major vehicle shipping company has a horror story about freak hail storms or tornadoes damaging a vehicle, weather events impacting shipments like this are rare. Under normal circumstances, vehicles shipped using open transport aren’t susceptible to significant damage. Most modern vehicles are designed to resist outdoor conditions, including rain, snow, and sunlight. The risk of road debris for any vehicle shipped with open transport has the same chance of occurrence as if you were driving the vehicle yourself. In addition to that, transport companies routinely and carefully plan their routes to avoid extreme weather events that could potentially harm vehicles in transport. Most drivers are incentivized to deliver your car or truck safely, so it’s in their best interest to do anything they can to accomplish this.

Insurance Coverage

One factor that can bring peace of mind with open trailer transport is the level of insurance coverage provided by logistics companies. It’s a standard industry practice to have cargo insurance that covers any damages that may occur during transit. This means that, in the unlikely event of an accident or damage to your vehicle, you can rest assured that you are financially protected. There are varying levels of insurance coverage for this just like with any car insurance. That’s why it’s always a good idea to ask transport companies about their specific insurance policies, so you are informed of your vehicle’s coverage during transit.


One major benefit of using an open trailer is cost-effectiveness. Due to their higher capacity, open trailers can carry more vehicles at once, reducing the cost per vehicle. This makes them significantly more efficient and a great option for short or long hauls. The lower transportation rates never compromise safety, making it an attractive option for many customers.

High Visibility

Lastly, transporting vehicles in an open trailer allows for constant visual checks during the journey. Drivers can quickly and easily perform regular visual inspections of all vehicles in transit, ensuring everything remains secure. This is an obvious, but overlooked, boost to vehicle safety during the transport process.

While it’s true that enclosed transport offers certain advantages such as additional protection from dirt, dust, and road debris, these benefits come at a significantly higher cost. For most people, the added cost is not necessary. 

The choice between open and enclosed transport ultimately depends on each customer’s specific needs and budget. However, most vehicles are transported using an open trailer. Many vehicles, like trucks and SUVs, can not even fit under the roof of a covered trailer and therefore must be transported in an open trailer regardless. Autosled offers both open and enclosed transport options for customers and works diligently with over 11,000 transporters nationwide to provide the best experience no matter which transport option you choose. 

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Autosled on Dealer Talk – The Importance of Customer Service in Transportation

Autosled on Dealer Talk – The Importance of Customer Service in Transportation

In this episode of Dealer Talk, Autosled’s VP of Operations, Marlena Jasso, talks with Jen Suzuki about the company’s innovative approach to client care and how they are constantly evolving to meet the needs of their customers.

Whether you’re in the transportation industry or simply interested in learning about the role of customer service in business growth, this episode is a must-listen.

We all live in the same transport ecosystem. Transporters need Dealers. Dealers need Transporters. Autosled is making the entire vehicle transport process easier, more reliable and more fair for everyone.

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