Autosled Launches Dealer Exchange Network For Retail Auto Dealers

Dec 19, 2023 | News, Shippers

Technology Streamlines Increasing Dealer-to-Dealer Vehicle Exchanges

ROCKVILLE, MD – December 18, 2023– Autosled, a leading provider of digital technology solutions for automotive vehicle transport logistics, announced today the launch of its new Dealer Exchange Network. This technology allows dealers to order both outbound and inbound vehicle exchanges simultaneously, ideally enabling both exchanges to be handled by the same transporter. This creates a seamless round-trip experience in the instance where one vehicle must be transported before the other, as well as a round-trip transport experience with fewer restrictions. As always, dealers can view each shipment’s status directly in the Autosled platform. 

“This makes it even easier for our customers to get their vehicles where they need them to be, and faster,” noted David Darden, chief information officer for Autosled. “This also translates into less time and miles on the road for the drivers in our transporter network.”

An industry-wide misappropriation of vehicle inventory post-COVID has caused a dramatic increase in dealer exchanges. As Autosled continues to expand its nationwide network of over 11,000 transporters, simplifying the vehicle transport process has become a primary focus for the company. Enabling haulers to view whether or not a vehicle is part of a round-trip exchange order provides an added layer of transparency and accountability for all involved. With Autosled’s average days to deliver steady at around three days for vehicles shipped 500 miles, its new Dealer Exchange Network provides increased efficiency in that process.

“We’re currently seeing an uptick in the amount of vehicles that dealers are transferring internally between their own respective groups and franchises, in large part due to OEM misallocation from the factory,” said David Sperau, co-founder and chief revenue officer for Autosled. “We’re also witnessing the trend of specific equipment preferences in retail increase recently. Dealers are more willing to swap units in order to maximize their ROI. We’ve built out processes specifically with this in mind.  Our Dealer Exchange tool is focused on making it as easy, quick and cost-effective as possible for dealers to trade these units amongst themselves.” 

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About Autosled

Autosled provides seamless digital vehicle shipment options for dealers, transporters, auctioneers, brokers, and individuals. As a tech-first company, Autosled’s web and phone platforms create a marketplace between shippers and transporters that is faster, cheaper, and more reliable. Services include custom price quotes, secure online payments, electronic accounting and invoicing, online vehicle shipment scheduling, verified transporter insurance, and a vetted network. Vehicles delivered through Autosled are trackable, with real-time GPS and communication with transporters throughout the process. For more information, visit


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