The Top Three Benefits of Self-Dispatching

Feb 15, 2022 | All, Shippers

According to Truck Freighter, self-dispatching refers to “the ability for owner-operator truck drivers to select and manage the freight loads they haul.” In other words, self-dispatch allows haulers to act as their own dispatchers and select specific vehicle loads that they want to transport. 

Curious to know how self-dispatch can streamline your transport business? You’re in luck. These are the top three crucial benefits of self-dispatching for transporters.

Why is self-dispatching so important?

Self-dispatching is valuable to not only transporters but dealers and individuals as well. From a hauler perspective, using a self-dispatch feature allows the most convenient available loads to be chosen. This decreases deadheading, something that is always a transporter’s primary concern. Self-dispatch is also beneficial for automotive dealers and retail consumers because it decreases the wait time for vehicle shipments. Since haulers can dispatch without delays or a third-party intervening, dealers are able to deliver consumer vehicles faster. Self-dispatch allows for a more efficient transport process for all involved.

Ease and efficiency  

With Autosled, self-dispatching takes just a few simple steps. Once haulers have signed up with Autosled, it’s easy to log into the Autosled app. From there, available loads are displayed on a map, based on the driver’s current GPS location. Transporters can then view details like price, mileage, pickup, and dropoff location for each available vehicle. Haulers simply confirm the loads they’d like to accept and watch them assigned in the Autosled app. It’s that easy. 

Saves Time

One of the greatest advantages of self-dispatch comes down to saving time. As every good transporter knows, time is money. The traditional process often involves calling to claim loads, bidding, competing with other haulers, waiting for confirmation, or working  through a middle-man like a dispatcher. All of these processes involve longer wait times and less autonomy for transporters. With self-dispatch, haulers decide what works best with each specific route, and begin hauling without these obstacles. 

Additional choices and control of your business

Besides reducing wait times, self-dispatch provides haulers with greater control and increased confidence when running their business operations. With a dispatcher, transporters don’t get much of a say in the loads that they are moving. However, working as their own dispatcher, haulers can make choices that best serve their delivery needs. In addition to not having to bid on loads or make additional calls, transporters don’t need to rely on others to secure business. They can also avoid competing with other haulers when utilizing a self-dispatch option. 

In the automotive logistics space, Autosled strives to improve the lives of our customers, through increased autonomy, efficiency, and ease. Autosled’s self-dispatching load board allows haulers the flexibility to claim vehicles already on their routes without added delays from calls or bidding. With Autosled, haulers don’t have to hunt for loads. This enables truckers to keep their trucks as full as possible- increasing their earnings and reducing deadheading. To learn more about how Autosled can serve you, visit Transporters – (