Three Quick Tips for First-Time Vehicle Movers

Oct 4, 2022 | All, Shippers

By: Mike Buerger

You’re shipping a car for the first time. You were smart enough to research the various shipping companies and methods, but are not sure you have all of the details. That’s not unusual. There are some obscure shipment standards when it comes to moving cars that you may not be privy to.  To help ease the anxiety around these unknowns, we’ve compiled some practical advice for first-time vehicle movers.

#1 Do not use your car as a shipping container

Stuffing your vehicle full of boxes and furniture may seem like an obvious benefit to shipping a car, especially when relocating. It may feel like you’ve just discovered a great transport hack when you first consider it, but unfortunately, most transporters do not allow it. Storing any personal items in your vehicle during transport increases the risk of theft, which creates a liability issue for the driver moving your vehicle (insurance does not cover these items). In addition to this, packing any personal things into a car makes the vehicle heavier. This results  in lower fuel economy and higher costs. Commercial trucks adhere to weight restrictions according to the class of truck and trailer. If every car on a 9-car hauler had a few hundred pounds extra in it, the total weight can be off by thousands of pounds which drivers will be fined for. The extra costs would, undoubtedly, find their way back to you, the vehicle owner. Remember that most transporters will only move empty vehicles and save yourself both the time, and headache, of unpacking your car at the last minute.      

#2 Remove your toll passes

While we just discussed the importance of not leaving personal items in your vehicle, this is one that’s often overlooked. Toll passes will get scanned, and charged, if your vehicle is in an open trailer. Don’t forget to take any toll passes with you when your vehicle is picked up for transport.  While companies like EZ Pass will reimburse you for charges that accumulate when your vehicle is being moved, it’s definitely extra work on your part to get that resolved. Save yourself the time and the unnecessary frustration. 

#3 Plan accordingly

Today, we’re all used to Amazon-level logistics.  However, shipping a vehicle is a completely different animal than shipping a package.  Vehicle transport trailers, along with their skilled operators, aren’t as commonplace on the road as freight. There aren’t distribution centers blanketing the country like you’ll see with package logistics. Car haulers have to cover a lot of ground and pick up as many vehicles as possible in order to stay competitive, which makes hitting exact pick-up and drop-off times difficult.  Giving yourself a multi-day window of time where you can be available to handle your vehicle delivery will help greatly.

Personal vehicles are among the most expensive and important things you can own, so it is natural to be anxious about shipping.  Autosled was created to solve the complications of vehicle shipments, while providing transparency and convenience.  Our digital marketplace is powered by proprietary technology that connects shippers and transporters like never before.  Let our network move your car quickly and safely.  Get a free quote today!