Why Shipping Your Car is Not the Same as Shipping a Package

Why Shipping Your Car is Not the Same as Shipping a Package

When it comes to shipping, most of us are familiar with the process of sending a small parcel or ordering items online. It’s quick, relatively simple, and has become a part of our daily lives. However, when the item to be shipped is as large and valuable as an automobile, the process is far from what we’re accustomed to. 

Unlike the straightforward delivery of an item of clothing or miscellaneous home goods, shipping a vehicle presents a unique set of challenges. At Autosled, we understand these differences and strive to bridge the gap, in order to make vehicle pickup and deliveries as seamless as possible.

The Difference in Scale

It may be obvious, but the most significant contrast lies in the size difference involved. A standard box truck can carry upwards of a hundred packages, not to mention the thousands that can fit into a semi-truck. Conversely when transporting vehicles, each individual piece of cargo is massive in both size and weight. This requires specialized training and trailers specifically for automotive vehicles- regardless of whether it’s cars, trucks, or motorcycles that are being hauled. The most common trailers on the road can only hold up to three cars, with larger semi-truck haulers holding up to nine. This highlights a stark contrast in the complexity of transport logistics in the United States.

Varied Journeys

Consider the typical journey of an item or package ordered online. It’s picked up by a mail truck, travels to a local hub, then on to another, and another, until it’s placed on a truck to drive the last few miles needed to reach its destination. This multi-step process involves numerous trucks and transfer points, offering flexibility to reroute or adjust schedules, if needed, to minimize delays.

Vehicle transport on the other hand, operates on a more linear path. The truck that picks up your vehicle is generally the same one that will deliver it. This direct route means that any delays – which can stem from delays at pickup or drop-off locations, mechanical problems, unforeseen weather, and even traffic conditions – have a ripple effect, impacting the entire delivery schedule. Such challenges underscore the difficulty in providing exact ETAs, particularly for long-distance hauls.

Navigating the Challenges Well

This is where Autosled comes into play. Understanding the intricacies and potential complications of vehicle shipping, Autosled’s services offer as much ease, speed, and transparency as possible. While the weather can’t be changed, and flat tires happen from time to time, the team is here to support vehicle shipments every step of the way.

Real-Time Updates: With Autosled, shippers are not left in the dark. The platform’s shipment viewer allows customers to monitor the status and ETA of vehicle deliveries in real-time. This provides both automotive dealers and individuals shipping vehicles with a constant peace of mind throughout the transport process.

Dedicated Support: Beyond the digital tools, Autosled’s dedicated support team ensures that every shipper always has a real person to speak to, and that concerns are addressed. By offering this personal phone support along with digital solutions, customers receive the updates they need when they need them.

Fair Pricing: Autosled believes in transparency not just in shipping, but also in pricing. Autosled guarantees fair-market pricing without any hidden fees, making sure that every shipper gets the best service at an honest price.

Experience the difference with Autosled – where shipping your car is as easy as it should be.  Get a quote today at www.autosled.com/individuals

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Are Enclosed Trailers The Right Choice For Your Vehicle?

Are Enclosed Trailers The Right Choice For Your Vehicle?

The added price can be worth it for some.

When it comes to transporting vehicles, whether it’s classic cars, luxury automobiles, exotics or anything in between, choosing the right shipping method can feel like a crucial decision. While open trailers may be a more common sight on the roads, enclosed trailers can offer a superior level of protection and security. Today, we will explore the benefits of using an enclosed trailer to ship your valuable vehicles.

Protection from the Elements

One of the most obvious advantages of using an enclosed trailer is the protection it provides against the elements. Extreme weather conditions, such as hail, can potentially damage the exterior paint or even affect the mechanical components of a vehicle.  An enclosed trailer shields your valuable asset from these external elements, maintaining its pristine condition from origin to destination.

Enhanced Security

Enclosed trailers offer an added layer of security compared to open trailers. By keeping your vehicle concealed from prying eyes, it minimizes the risk of theft or vandalism during transportation. Enclosed trailers can be equipped with locks, security systems, and surveillance measures, ensuring that your vehicle is well-protected throughout the journey.

Superior Safety

Unlike open trailers, enclosed trailers provide an extra level of safety for your vehicle during transit. By being enclosed within the trailer’s structure, your vehicle is shielded from potential road debris, loose gravel, or other hazards that could cause damage while traveling. Additionally, the structural integrity of an enclosed trailer reduces the risk of accidental collisions that could occur during transportation.

Privacy and Confidentiality

In certain cases, maintaining privacy and confidentiality is important, especially when transporting unique or rare vehicles. Enclosed trailers offer a discreet shipping solution, shielding your vehicle and preventing unnecessary exposure during transportation. This added privacy ensures that your vehicle arrives safely without drawing unwarranted attention.

Driver Experience

Drivers who transport with enclosed trailers are experienced with handling atypical- exotic, antique or rare cars.  This provides an added level of confidence for these vehicle dealers and owners. It also comes in handy when shipping older cars with quirks, or vehicles that are extremely low to the ground. These drivers are around expensive vehicles everyday and aren’t nervous about handling them. That specific level of skill and experience can not go overlooked.

When transporting valuable vehicles, the choice of an enclosed trailer over an open trailer can significantly impact the overall safety, security, and condition of your vehicle during transit. If you want to ensure your vehicle arrives at its destination in pristine condition, safeguarded from potential hazards and outside interference, an enclosed trailer is the optimal choice for your vehicle shipping needs.

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Top 5 Things To Know When Using Open Trailer Transport

Top 5 Things To Know When Using Open Trailer Transport

Is shipping a vehicle with an open trailer safe?

When it comes to transporting vehicles over long distances, you’ve probably heard of the two main options available: open and enclosed trailers. Enclosed trailers garner a lot of the attention due to the increased protection they offer. However, don’t let that overshadow the advantages of open trailers. Many customers are pleasantly surprised to learn how safe and cost-effective open trailer vehicle transport can be.

Weather-Resistance and Planning

While every major vehicle shipping company has a horror story about freak hail storms or tornadoes damaging a vehicle, weather events impacting shipments like this are rare. Under normal circumstances, vehicles shipped using open transport aren’t susceptible to significant damage. Most modern vehicles are designed to resist outdoor conditions, including rain, snow, and sunlight. The risk of road debris for any vehicle shipped with open transport has the same chance of occurrence as if you were driving the vehicle yourself. In addition to that, transport companies routinely and carefully plan their routes to avoid extreme weather events that could potentially harm vehicles in transport. Most drivers are incentivized to deliver your car or truck safely, so it’s in their best interest to do anything they can to accomplish this.

Insurance Coverage

One factor that can bring peace of mind with open trailer transport is the level of insurance coverage provided by logistics companies. It’s a standard industry practice to have cargo insurance that covers any damages that may occur during transit. This means that, in the unlikely event of an accident or damage to your vehicle, you can rest assured that you are financially protected. There are varying levels of insurance coverage for this just like with any car insurance. That’s why it’s always a good idea to ask transport companies about their specific insurance policies, so you are informed of your vehicle’s coverage during transit.


One major benefit of using an open trailer is cost-effectiveness. Due to their higher capacity, open trailers can carry more vehicles at once, reducing the cost per vehicle. This makes them significantly more efficient and a great option for short or long hauls. The lower transportation rates never compromise safety, making it an attractive option for many customers.

High Visibility

Lastly, transporting vehicles in an open trailer allows for constant visual checks during the journey. Drivers can quickly and easily perform regular visual inspections of all vehicles in transit, ensuring everything remains secure. This is an obvious, but overlooked, boost to vehicle safety during the transport process.

While it’s true that enclosed transport offers certain advantages such as additional protection from dirt, dust, and road debris, these benefits come at a significantly higher cost. For most people, the added cost is not necessary. 

The choice between open and enclosed transport ultimately depends on each customer’s specific needs and budget. However, most vehicles are transported using an open trailer. Many vehicles, like trucks and SUVs, can not even fit under the roof of a covered trailer and therefore must be transported in an open trailer regardless. Autosled offers both open and enclosed transport options for customers and works diligently with over 11,000 transporters nationwide to provide the best experience no matter which transport option you choose. 

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