Autosled Offers $100,000 Cash Back at NADA 2023

Autosled Offers $100,000 Cash Back at NADA 2023

Offer Encourages Dealers to Ship Vehicles with Autosled in Q1 2023

ROCKVILLE, MD – January 13, 2023– Autosled, a leading digital vehicle logistics provider, announced that it is making a special offer to retail automotive dealers attending the 2023 National Automobile Dealers Association conference and expo in Dallas, Texas.

Dealers attending NADA 2023 that have not previously shipped cars or trucks with Autosled are eligible for a portion of the $100,000 cash back giveaway. Qualifying dealers will each receive a minimum of $500 cash back, with no upper limit on the amount of money that a dealer can receive. Dealers are encouraged to ship as many vehicles as possible during the promotional period. While the cash back is on a first come, first serve basis, if the limit is reached prior to the end of the first quarter, Autosled will extend the limit to accommodate any additional vehicle moves for qualifying dealers during the promotional period. 

“In light of the macroeconomic changes around us, we felt this was a great way to begin the year helping dealers who need to move vehicles this quarter but have not had a chance to partner previously with Autosled to do so. We wanted to offer something out of the ordinary to those dealers attending this year’s NADA expo in person”, noted David Sperau, Autosled’s co-founder and Chief Revenue Officer. 

The show special begins on site at NADA on January 27, 2023. It is available to all franchise dealers shipping more than five vehicles before March 31, 2023 that have not previously moved cars or trucks with Autosled. To begin the qualification process, dealers should fill out a request form with Autosled. All dealers are strongly encouraged to preschedule  appointments to meet with the team at Booth #3323 during NADA in order to avoid waiting during expo hours. Full promotional details can be found on or by contacting

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